Our family roots that sprouted more than 8 generations ago with farming have grown stronger with livestock breeding when Rosa and Mateu in 1958 started to integrate farming with livestock in our village, Juneda.

Located in the region of Les Garrigues, Juneda is a place of heavy freezing fogs, exceptional farming production and where the inhabitants are compromised with what they do. The great olive oil, excellent fruit and nuts, cereals and grains means we can offer high quality foods, meats and vegetables straight from the farmer.

The Tero Family having all these food assets so nearby, in a healthy and safe environment offer fresh meats from pigs bred by ourselves and other foods for fitness, family dishes, individual portions, salad toppings, tapas, sauces, etc.

We aim for full client satisfaction, providing them with everything we have nurtured and grown over years, but now in a modern up to date format and presentation, just like our family roots, compromised and in harmony with the Environment.