The following information regarding this website is provided in compliance with the E-commerce Act (LSSI-EC) and Information Society Services Act 34/2002:

The website (hereinafter the Website) is owned by Masia Artesana S.L., and Fiscal Identification number (NIF) B25737222 and contact address as follows:

Pol. Ind. Les Verdunes, parc. 34-35
25400 Les Borges Blanques
973 14 06 20 | 973 15 06 50


The objective of these General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter Conditions) is to regulate access and use of the Website. The Website under these Conditions will be defined as:

The external appearance of the screen interface, both static and dynamic, in other words, the browser tree; and all integrated elements both in the screen interface and in the browser tree (hereinafter the Contents) and all those online services or resources that are offered to the User (hereinafter the Services).

Masia Artesana reserves the right to modify the presentation and configuration of the Website and the Contents and Services at any time and without prior notice. The User recognises and accepts that Masia Artesana can interrupt, deactivate and/or cancel any of these elements on the Website or even access to it, at any time.

Access to the Website by the User is free in nature and is generally free of charge without the user having to provide compensation to use it, except for the connection cost through the telecommunications network provided by the access provider which the User has contracted.

The use of any of the Content or Services on the Website may be made by subscription or prior registration only.


Access, browsing and use of the Website automatically confers the condition of User, thereby accepting from the beginning of browsing on the Website, all the Conditions hereby established and any other posterior modifications, without prejudice of the current law. Given the relevance of the above, the User is urged to read the Conditions every time they visit the Website.

Masia Artesana’s Website provides a large diversity of information, services and data. The User assumes their responsibility to correctly use the Website. The scope of their responsibility is as follows:

To use the information, Contents and/or Services and data offered by Masia Artesana in a manner that does not go against the Conditions, the Law, morality or public order or in any other way that could infringe the rights of a third party or the operation of the Website.

To provide accurate and legal information on the forms extended by Masia Artesana in order to access certain Contents or Services offered on the Website. Nonetheless, the User shall notify Masia Artesana immediately of any act that could cause misuse of the information registered on said forms, such as, but not only, theft, loss of, or unauthorized access to identifiers and/or passwords, so that they can be duly revoked and cancelled.

Access to the Website does not imply any type of commercial relationship between the User and Masia Artesana.

The User declares that they are legally of age and are sufficiently capable of engaging with these Conditions. Therefore, this Website is not intended for under-age users. Masia Artesana declines any responsibility in the event this requisite is not met.


Masia Artesana does not guarantee the continuity, availability and usefulness of the Website, nor of the Contents or Services. Masia Artesana will do all they can to assure correct functioning of the Website but cannot be held responsible for or guarantee that access to the Website will be trouble free or uninterrupted.

Nor will they be responsible for or guarantee that Content or software made available via this Website is free of error or can provoke damage to User’s hardware or software. Under no circumstances will Masia Artesana be held responsible for any losses or damages of any kind as a result of access, browsing and use of the Website, including, but not limited to damage to the computing system or those caused by a computer virus.

Masia Artesana will not be held responsible for any possible damage to users as a result of misuse of this Website. Masia Artesana tampoco se hace responsable de los daños que pudiesen ocasionarse a los usuarios por un uso inadecuado de este Sitio Web. In particular, it is not responsible in any way for breakdowns, interruptions, faults or defects in telecommunications that might occur.


As stipulated in clause 5 of the Spanish Data Protection Act (LOPD), the User is hereby notified that private and personal data gained by Masia Artesana via the forms provided on the website pages, will be stored in an automated data file controlled by Masia Artesana, which is duly declared and inscribed in the General Register of the Data Protection Agency, with the finality of being able to provide and meet the obligations between the parties or for the maintenance of the relationship developed in the forms filled in or to attend a request or enquiry.

Unless the User states otherwise, Masia Artesana shall take it that the data provided has not been modified, that the User promises to give notice of any changes and that they have full permission to use the data for the reasons they were obtained. Data could also be used for personalized sales, operational and statistical use and proprietary activities. User expressly authorizes Masia Artesana to extract and store data and to carry out market studies in order to target the Content offered to the User, thereby improving quality, function and Website browsing.

The User shall be informed if the data provided on the different website forms is necessary to fulfil a correct development of the services on offer, denoting the obligatory character of the information required.

In the event that the User does not provide their consent to the use of the afore mentioned information, the User can exercise their rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. The following should be taken into account:

Rights to Access:
User has the right to obtain information regarding their personal data and the use made of such information by Masia Artesana, together with the information available on the origin of said data and any communication made regarding this.

Right to Rectification:
User has the right to modify the information contained within the automated data file in the event that said information is incorrect or incomplete.

Right to Cancellation:
User has the right to erase information of a personal nature, except those that are governed by other laws that require them to be conserved over time.

Right to Opposition:
User has the right to refuse the use of their personal information by Masia Artesana.

User can exercise their rights by writing to Masia Artesana, with the heading “” and outlining and including the following:

  • Name, Surname and photocopy of their National Identity Document (DNI). In those circumstance that representation is admitted, identification will also be necessary of the person that represents the User, together with a letter that acknowledges such representation. The photocopy of the DNI could be substituted by any other media that proves said identity.
  • Letter outlining the specific reasons behind the solicitude or information wanted to be consulted.
  • Postal address.
  • Date and signature of the applicant.
  • Full documentation backing up the solicitude.

User must use a delivery method that registers delivery and reception of the solicitude (eg. registered post).

Solicitude and all other attached documents must be sent to the following postal and/or email address:

Pol. Ind. Les Verdunes, parc. 34-35
25400 Les Borges Blanques
973 14 06 20 | 973 15 06 50
[email protected]

Masia Artesana reserves the right to modify their Privacy Policy according to their own criteria or as a result of a change in legislation, legal or doctrinal of the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Use of the Website after such changes shall imply acceptation of the same.


Cookies: Website access could imply the use of cookies. The website uses cookies which are small data files that are generated in the User’s computer and other devices used for browsing, to optimise browsing, adequate the design of the webpage and improve its content so that users obtain a more satisfactory service without damaging the browser device.

Information gained from cookies can include the date and time the website is visited, the pages seen, duration of the visit and the websites visited just before and after the visit. However, none of the cookies allow User contact via User’s telephone number or any other personal contact media. The only way any private details of the User can form part of the cookie file is if the User personally provides such information to the server.

Own cookies:
These are cookies that are sent to the User’s computer or device and are exclusively controlled by Masia Artesana for a better operation of the Website. Information gathered is used to improve Website quality and Content and User’s experience. These cookies allow User recognition as a regular visitor to the Website and to adapt the Content, offering the User tailor-made content.

Third Party Cookies:
These are cookies that are used and managed by required external service providers of Masia Artesana to improve the Website and the browsing experience of the User. The main objectives of using third-party cookies is to obtain access statistics and to analyse browsing information. In other words, how the User interacts with the Website.

Disabling, rejection and elimination of Cookies:
User can disable, reject and eliminate cookies – wholly or partially – that are installed in their device via browser configuration (for example, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer). In this sense, the steps required to reject and eliminate cookies might differ according to each browser, which means that the User should follow the instructions provided by the internet browser they are using. In the event that the User decides to reject the use of cookies – wholly or partially – they can still use the Website although performance might be limited.

Changes in Cookie Policy:
Website Cookie Policy might change or be updated, so User is advised to review the Cookie Policy every time they visit the Website to be correctly informed regarding how and why we use cookies.


Users are informed that Masia Artesana’s Website offers or can offer links (such as banners, buttons, links) directories and search engines that allow Users to visit websites belonging to or managed by a third party.

The installation of these links, directories and search engines on the Website is to make it easier for Users to search and access information on the Internet, without being considered as a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to visit them.

Masia Artesana do not offer nor do they sell by themselves or by a third party, the products and/or services available on these linked sites.

Likewise, Masia Artesana does not guarantee the technical availability, accuracy, reliability, validity or legality of these websites beyond their property which can be accessed via a link.

Masia Artesana, will not, under any circumstances, review or control the content of other websites, nor will they approve, check or take on as their own, the products and services, contents, files and any other existing material on linked sites.

Masia Artesana shall not assume any responsibility for damages that might occur on access to, use of, quality or legality of the contents, communications, opinions, products and services of the websites that are not controlled and managed by Masia Artesana and that are linked on this Website.

The User or third party that carries out a hyperlink from a site that is distinct to Masia Artesana’s Website should be aware that:

Any reproduction – wholly or partly – of any content and / or Services on the Website without express authorization of Masia Artesana is strictly forbidden.

Any claims, false, inaccurate or incorrect concerning Masia Artesana’s website, or on the Content and / or Services thereof will not be tolerated at all either.

Except for the hyperlink, the website where the hyperlink is found will not contain any element of this Website, that is protected under Spanish law as intellectual property unless specifically authorized by Masia Artesana.

The establishment of the hyperlink does not imply the existence of a relationship between Masia Artesana and the owner of the website from where the link is realized, nor the knowledge and approval of Masia Artesana of the contents, services and/or activities offered on the website and vice versa.


Masia Artesana on its own or as assignee part, is owner of all industrial and intellectual property rights of the Website, contents (including and not limited to, images, sound, audio, video, software or text, brands or logos, colour combinations, structure and design, used material selection, computer programs that are necessary for operation, access and use, etc.). The property will therefore be protected under Spanish and EU Community laws and regulations as intellectual property, and also by international treaties relative to the matter and subscribed by Spain.

All rights are reserved. Under the provisions of the Intellectual Property Act (Copyright) reproduction, distribution and public communication, including the way it is offered, all or part of the contents of this website for commercial purposes, in any form or by any technical means, without the authorization of Masia Artesana is expressly forbidden.

In the event that the User or a third party considers that any Content of the Website supposes a Copyright violation, they should notify Masia Artesana immediately through the given contact details.


Masia Artesana reserves the right to file civil or criminal actions deemed necessary for the misuse of the Website and Content, or for breach of these Terms.

The relationship between the User and Masia Artesana shall be governed by current law and enforcement in Spanish territory. The parties will submit their disputes to the ordinary courts, submitting themselves to the courts and judges in case of disputes arising as a result of the interpretation and / or application of this Agreement.