Last April, for the first time, Masia Artesana had their own stand at the international trade fair Alimentaria 2016 Barcelona.

For 4 days, between the 25th until the 28th of April 2016, the full range of our products were presented: PRE-COOKED DISHES, FITNESS FOOD, TOPPINGS for pizzas and salads and cooking aid. The main novelty that was presented was the fact that all our products are made without using preservatives or colourings and cooked in a natural and traditional manner.

By attending this trade fair, we at Masia Artesana want to open ourselves up to the world and influence the International channel as one of our pillars for the future development of the company, seeking, in addition to strengthen the brand image and enhance the connection between natural, traditional gastronomy and preservatives and colouring-free food to attract consumers, as well as potential customers and distributors.